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A fearless pastor rebuked Trump's 'shitholes' racist comments in the presence of Vice President Pence

Pastor (Dr.) Maurice Watson fiercely rebuked Trump’s racist comments. US Vice President Mike Pence is sitting in the pews. 

Pastor (Dr.) Maurice Watson gave a powerful rebuttal to Donald Trump’s racist comments about immigrants on Sunday. It was the beginning of his sermon to his congregation at Metropolitan Baptist Church in Maryland on Sunday, January 14,2018. It is remarkable beause the US Vice President Mike Pence was sitting in the Pews as a very special guest of the church. 

He  said, “There are members of this church who are from Africa, who are from Haiti. They call me pastor” . Pastor Watson sdescribed Trump’s description of these nations as “hurtful, dehumanizing, visceral, guttural, ugly... I stand here today as your pastor to vehemently denounce and reject such characterizations..."  Watch the video.